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Thank you for visiting & joining me in my journey !

My name is Catherine & I have been an artist since kindergarten.. ( At least that’s what my kindergarten teacher said????) .

I’ve had a decorative finish biz “ReImagined Surfaces “ for over 20 years & will occasionally climb scaffolding to paint a mural, ceiling or wall finish but now mostly stay ground level by creating my canvas & furniture creations .

I knew my life would circle back to the easel !I always felt that I would be a “ Grandma Moses” & start up again on canvas art later in life.

I’m a “ Mimi “ to 8 grandchildren , married to my high school sweetheart who I met in art class.

My journey continues on & I invite you to join with me & view the world through my eyes from my heart to the brush to the canvas !

Let the “ Reimagining “ journey continue!
Creatively, Catherine


Catherine Stotesbery


Thank you for the visit, hope you check back soon!

Catherine Stotesbery


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