Letter writing As the hustle & bustle of this season & the overwhelming feeling of not “ getting things done” are so prevalent now , I ponder my “list” . One of the tasks on many people’s list are getting Christmas cards sent out … That is NOT on my list as I could never get them out in time ! I do love receiving Christmas  cards , especially those that have updated family photos & a year review of happenings .
I do wonder if the “ Art of Letter Writing” is dead , now that we live in an age of instant messaging , texting , virtual hugs & such . Long gone are the days of hand inked calligraphy & waxed stamped envelopes, but need we put aside a simple note of thoughtfulness to a friend or loved one just to say “ Hey, I’m thinking of you…. Hope you’re doing well”?.  I know it’s much more convenient to text a friend or even pick up a phone to chat , but there’s something about getting an envelope in the mail with your name on it , opening it up & finding a hand penned message & the comfort of knowing someone took the time to drop a line .
I know you’re saying to yourself “ but I don’t have the gift of eloquent words that will express what I want to convey!” . Don’t we as the recipients of a note aren’t judging the creativeness of well written prose but are just smiling because someone dropped us a line as a thoughtful gesture ?
You know there are books that have canned sayings like you find on Hallmark cards that you can copy 😁 but just expressing the very fact that you’re thinking of someone whether to wish “ Happy Birthday , Hope you’re feeling better , congratulations on the birth of your baby or just,  I Love You”  is sufficient !

I am not one of those people that send out cards or letters a lot but I think that would be something on my “to do wish list “ this coming year ! Hey, I may even send out Christmas cards next year with a year review hi lighting my most exciting life . ( not really on the exciting part😜) . I even have cards printed from my artwork available to me to grab & write a quick note , stick a stamp & not even lick the envelope because they’re self sealing ! I was informed by my son in law to check out the prices of Hallmark birthday cards at Walmart … he says they’re upwards of 10.00 ! Well, just so you know , I price my cards extremely affordable & you can get a boxed set of 16 cards for 32.00 ! That’s 2.00 a card that’s been printed on linen card stock !   So, sit down with a cuppa, get yourself a nice gel pen & spread some love & write some body today !    Love , Cathie



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