The Ugly Mauve Vintage Vanity


Vanity                     It started out when my granddaughter moved out of her “ pink & purple “ stage … she grew up and desires white ! ( If you know me & white 😜) 


A new vision for her Christmas present ! 

This is what goes into finishing a piece that truly becomes a labor of love … let me take your through the steps … 

   The mauve painted vintage vanity gets rediscovered in the furthest reaches of the “ Barn of Wonders “ sitting there in the dark , covered in dust , cobwebs , & a few spider eggs that were hidden in the recesses of the drawers . Quite an effort went into this Tetris like puzzle to get to her out into the light  . Yes, she’s a “ her” from day 1 . After she is brought into the studio I assessed what needed to be done . Her drawers won’t budge , maybe because of the years she hadn’t been used , but after working on them , they broke free . 

The process : vacuuming , cleaning , more cleaning , peeling off veneer , filling in holes & damaged pieces 

Sanding off the dried drips of a poor prior paint job , she’s ready to prime . 

White has a way of making all the flaws show up … more sanding , more filling . 

I lay the drawers to the side as I noticed a slight wavy impression on the top of one of the sides , so fill in to even out , more sanding only to realize she’ll need a small miracle here. 

Next step : I apply my Vintage Chenille finish over the top of both sides … perfect ! 

A little camouflage works wonders ! 

I glance down at the drawers to notice “ is that a faint decorative wood design under the putrid mauve paint?” 

Yes! It is!
I excitedly decide to strip the drawers of the paint to reveal an awesome veneer pattern . I sand, fill in some chipped veneer , condition the wood & then apply  a custom mix of stain .  I have to add more stain on top of the first layer as I had to blend into the wood patch areas … I think it will work .. 

  Oh yes, the hardware ! I wanted to use the original hardware & threw them in a pot of vinegar & cooked them on the stove. My hubby walked into the house , threw open the doors & windows , and emphatically asked  “ What are you cooking ?” Hardware , I tell him .. no, it’s not for dinner! 

They came out so clean and  decided to spray them gold … she has a thing about gold accents . 

Back to the vanity … you know it’s love when you decide to paint inside &  the sides of the drawers . I had to mask off the 3 drawers that are wood , because I used my sprayer . Another layer over the whole piece & she will be close to being done! 

Tomorrow I will cover the vanity bench with the softest faux fur fabric that I had to stand in line & wait for 30 mins at Hobby Lobby fabric dept to have cut . 

   Because this is her Christmas present which she knows that I’m doing , but doesn’t know the details Sneak peek , I can’t give you a sneak peek ( Well , maybe a little 😜) 

 I can’t wait to show you the end result after Christmas ! 

Let’s hope that she doesn’t want a redo in a few years … that’s when I will give her a gift certificate to my furniture painting class!   

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  1. Just a wonderful story and what encouragement, excitement and love she will get from this for years to come. Love the idea of if she wants to change it she gets the certificate for a free class. lolol

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